The first foot ball game was on November 6th 1869 through a modified game of rugby and in the 1880's the rules were drafted into a whole new game of its own. At the time athletic clubs would supply teams for football games. Teams that won would get various rewards that the players would often pawn for money. This was eventually deemed illegal by the Amateur Athletic Union since the games were supposed to be played by amateur athletes and not bribed professionals. November 12th of 1892 the AAA openly paid William Heffelfinger $500 dollars to play the game. Part of this was to hedge bets for the team in its favor and a battle ensued between different organizations about whether the sport should remain amateur or allow teams to hire "professionals" or pro football players.  Eventually the profitability of going Pro won out and the game evolved into what it is known as today.

Out of those events a slew of amazing athletes were born out of these events and the Pro Football Hall of Fame's goal was to honor those that have contributed so much to this great game. Guests can see their favorite players honored along with learning about some new heroes. Guests can get an insider Hall of Fame tour everyday at 11 am to learn more about the history of Pro Football. In Summer the Hall of Fame is open from 9 am to 8 pm and the rest of the year the hours are from 9am to 5pm. Guests enjoy re-visiting the Hall of Fame since new Hall of Fame Members are added each year. Each year the 48-Person selection committee responsible for adding hall of fame heroes. The committee is made from media representatives from each pro football city with the exception of New York which has two representatives. 

Whether you are a fan of football or just curious this is a must-visit for its rich history and world wide fame.